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Workday Contract Renewal Tips & Tricks

Over 30% of Workday customers (over 1000) will be renegotiating their Workday Subscription agreement in the next 12 - 15 months. KSI has helped Workday customers negotiate over $500M in Workday contracts. And in virtually all of those deals, KSI has been able to help Workday customers save money and get more from their Workday subscription. We work with hundreds of Workday customers and every year, we are helping dozens get a better “Workday” - Some of our Workday customers include: Sony, Lenovo, Gilead Life Sciences, Fox Entertainment, Del Monte, Moog, Itron, Johns Manville, Johnson Controls, Snap Finance, Expedia, and hundreds more.

Our aim of this webinar series is to better equip YOU in the negotiation process.

In this Webinar, Bob Crow, a Principal Consultant at KSI Consulting, goes through key tips, tricks, and tactical approaches for preparing for your next Workday renewal. Over 90% of customers who engage KSI, get more from their contract and save more on their contract.

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To see what contracting services we offer view our Workday Contracting and Renewal page.


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