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Workday Optimization

Getting the most out of your Workday Investment.

Workday Optimization

Like any other service, technology, or offering, a “subscription” can be awesome as long as you’re using the product as it comes in vs. sticking it on the shelf and ultimately forgetting that it’s there. Only to be reminded with the next delivery, that you never touched the previous one.

Workday’s “Power of One” subscription model comes to life with semi-annual releases, new functionality, new features, and new capabilities. And when deployed properly, a problem is solved or a feature is enhanced for the customer.

To get the most value out of Workday, it is important to go through the list of new features and functions that are available for adoption or for purchase. This can be overwhelming to most customers as

  • Companies have not fully defined their needs and how new Workday functionality can address those needs;

  • Companies may have existing technology to compare against new Workday functionality;

  • Like so many customers, they lack the time, focus, and prioritization to really assess the new functionality against business needs;

  • Or quite honestly what we see all too often are companies that are just trying to keep up with their existing Workday solution they don’t have the time or ability to really focus on more functionality

For these reasons, it's not a bad idea to bring in an experienced partner for a few weeks to help you leap forward and make informed decisions that will help you articulate the value and impact of Workday functionality and new release capabilities.

KSI brings a structured, proven, and business case based approach to helping you assess, evaluate, and determine what is the best functionality to deploy or potentially purchase from Workday. Leveraging our expert Workday knowledge coupled with our comprehensive fit-gap assessment tools, we collaborate with your team to

  • Define business needs

  • Prioritize and weight the functionality

  • Determine business impact and business value

  • Develop a business case for new functionality (or even other functionality if that’s the case)

because there is often quite a bit bundled into each new release or new module. It helps to have a partner who can help point-out those high-value opportunities, so KSI created a list of our favorite features and why we love each one - we call them

If you’re new to the Workday SaaS lifestyle or just need a little help organizing your roadmap, KSI has an Adoption Planning Package where after 4 weeks you have a Workday Adoption Planning Dashboard, with tailored Workday Release plans for your tenant, and a newly tuned up Workday change governance routine. Here is what is included in the 4 week Workday Adoption Planning Package, at a fixed-price of $15k.

Step 1: Workday Adoption Planning

  • Configure the Workday Adoption functional area and dashboard

  • Determine the right audience to view or modify the Adoption Planning Dashboard

  • ​​Facilitate dashboard configuration knowledge transfer and share Workday adoption management best practices to know what’s coming, how to share it with others, and take action

  • ​​Determine if custom worklets would be helpful to track how Workday is being used, identifying areas for improvement, and creating a centralized planning hub

Step 2: Assess & Organize Key Optimization Opportunities

  • Workshops to analyze the data insights from the dashboard:

  1. Current usage in your tenant

  2. Current features available

  3. Upcoming features available

  4. Define Business requirements (what problems can we solve)

  • ​​Recommended immediate adoption quick-wins based on backlog features

  • ​​Begin the process to create your unique adoption plan

  • ​​Organize items in your adoption plan to share with the extended Workday change governance stakeholders

Step 3: Develop Ongoing Support Model

  • Workshop to identify Workday change governance stakeholders + how to engage them in adoption and release planning​

  • ​​Define your change governance schedule to mitigate risk + drive change on key dates​

  • ​Facilitate a sample change governance meeting using the Adoption Dashboard:

  1. Review status of in-process changes

  2. Collect new requests for system changes

  3. Prioritize + slot changes to go-live dates

  4. Review “What’s Coming in Workday”

  5. Review Usage Metric Trends

Other add—on Focus areas

In addition to the 4 week Workday Adoption Planning package, we can add on other ala carte services

  • End to end business process review

  • Key role and

  • User Training Content Assessment

  • Service Delivery Planning

  • Digital Adoption Accelerators

Schedule a time to meet with an experienced consultant to discuss your business transformation and Workday adoption needs.


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